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We've organised the capacities of our eCommerce software through a feature-focused format.

Product modifications log

Audit your product maintenance changes easily.

Every time a product is created within our software's system, the system automatically records certain information, for example created at, on and by whom.  Equally, when a product is modified, the system will record Last Modified At, On, By, Field Changed, from and to.  This standard functionality allows for products to be completely audited should any enquiries arise at a later date.

Any changes that have been made to a product can be reported on via the Product Modification Log report.  Within the Product Management system, the end user simply highlights the product that they wish to run the report for, and select the modification log icon as shown below.

As standard, the report offers;

  • Drop down selection on Selected Products: Choose to only report on the highlighted product or all products (The standard option is defaulted from the 1st of the Month to the current date. The example below covers a greater time frame)
  • Drop down selection on Date Range: Choose to run the report for a multiple date ranges including weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly.

Product Modifications Log Report

The report includes standard data columns; Modified Date, User Name, Product Code, Field Details Prior to Change, Field Details After Changes, Deleted.

If you want to run the modification report to identify all products that have been modified, the user simply click on the modification log icon without having select anything.

As with all our software standard reports, the data displayed on screen can then subsequently be exported to csv, pdf or excel format by simply clicking the save icon and choosing the preferred format.

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