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We've organised the capacities of our eCommerce software through a feature-focused format.

Weekly figures by store

Monitor your store performance with ease.

Our software's standard Weekly Figures By Store Report provides a high level view of the Sales Out* against each Store on the system. As standard, the report offers;

  • Date selection: Run your report for any date you require (This date will be used to determine the current week and will then retrieve Sales information from 0:00 on the Monday of the week including 1st March for the current financial year, up to 23:59 on the Sunday of the current week.) 
  • Drop down selection on Reporting Figures Options: Allows selection of the value the user wishes to view.  The available values are Sales, Cost, Margin, Margin %, Number of Orders and Number of Lines.

An example of each Weekly Number of Orders report can be seen below:
Weekly Figures By Store

The report includes standard data columns; Week Number, and Store

The standard report displays on screen and allows the user to sort the data in ascended or descending order by clicking on the highlighted icon. As with all of our software's standard reports, the data displayed on screen can then subsequently be exported to csv, pdf or excel format by simply clicking the save icon and choosing the preferred format.

*Sales Out workflow stages are defined as standard (Dispatched / Invoiced, Invoiced Drop Ship Order,EPOS Sales, EPOS Invoice, plus negative workflow stages EPOS Returns, Sales Credit Refund)

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