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Warehouse management software features

We've organised the capacities of our eCommerce software through a feature-focused format.

Goods in put away

The Put Away feature of the Stock Control Solution software intelligently determines whereabouts to store items received into your warehouse

It is well proven that if your Goods In procedures are efficient and your stock is put away correctly, your pick rates will increase markedly.When managing stock in multiple locations it is essential that your warehouse team knows exactly where stock should be put away. As goods are received at your warehouse, our software system will use predefined product and location characteristics to determine whereabouts to place the stock.

Acknowledging Stock Receipt

When stock is receipted into the warehouse, the warehouse user would confirm receipt of the goods on the system by processing the Purchase Order to a Goods In Inspection area or Stage.

As this process is performed, Physical Stock of the items on the Purchase Order will be increased in a Quarantine Location. This stock will not allocate to Sales Orders. I.e. you will not be able to pick a Sales Order from stock in the Quarantine area.

At this point, the user will be able to change process quantities in order to handle under deliveries. Over deliveries would typically be dealt with separately by a Supervisor user. This process is detailed in the Purchase Order Processing section of the Supply Chain Management library and forms part of the standard system offering.

Process Confirmed Purchase Order To Goods In Inspection Stage

Stock Put Away

The first part of the Stock Put Away process allows the user to specify those Purchase Orders at the Goods In Inspection stage which they would like to put away. The complex search functionality will allow the user to find purchases orders based on the PO Reference, the Supplier a delivery shipment number or simply a product.

Stock Put Away

Product Confirmation

As the user moves to the Stock Put Away Products step of the wizard, the system will perform a process to check all the lines on the selected Purchase Orders and determine whereabouts the stock should be located in the warehouse. If any stock has been received in a damaged state, then the user can enter the Damaged Stock quantities. Damaged Stock will not effect the overall stock figure for the product and will be separated in order to initiate a Supplier Return / Credit.

Stock Put Away Products

Stock Put Away Job

The Stock Put Away Job system, effectively takes the information found by the Stock Put Away and creates a job to put the items into the locations the put away system has suggested. Where deliveries are typically receipted and put away on an individual basis, a Job can be created quickly and easily from the Put Away system. However, the Put Away Job system can intelligently work with multiple put away receipts in order to create different logical jobs. For example, three deliveries are received into the warehouse within a short space of time and the Warehouse User creates three Put Away’s as part of the receipting process. A single Put Away Job can then be created to put away all of the items on the three deliveries. Alternatively a Job could be created to put away all urgent items (i.e. all items which have back orders on the system) and a second job could be created for all the remaining items. Similarly, multiple jobs could be created to put away the 3 deliveries by Zone. I.e. A user is asked to put away all the items which need to go to pick, while a separate user is asked to put away all the items which need to go to Bulk storage etc.

The Put Away job can be completed manually via the 3EX.NET Back Office or via the mobile Pocket 3EX.NET Stock Put Away System.

Once a Job has been completed, stock of the products which have been received will be increased and any back orders awaiting the stock will be released.

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