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Warehouse management software features

We've organised the capacities of our eCommerce software through a feature-focused format.

Positive and negative stock adjustments

The Quick Stock Adjustments system within our software allows your Warehouse Manager to make adjustments to stock quickly and easily, whilst at the same time recording all actions taken so that stock can be properly tracked as it moves through your warehouse.

Positive / Negative Stock Adjustments

The Positive and Negative Stock Adjustment system utilises the same Transaction Entry systems as the Sales Order Processing and Purchase Order Processing Systems, therefore all of the same reporting and analysis tools are available to track Stock Adjustments, as there are to track Sales / Purchase orders. The Adjustment Stages are accessible via the menu system of the software as shown below:

Stock Adjustments

The Positive Stock Take and Negative Stock Take Adjustments are automatically created when performing a Stock Take.

Stock Adjustment Reasons

When Entering a Stock Adjustment, the user is prompted to enter a Product, Adjustment Quantity, Location and Reason. Reasons are available for selection from a drop down list. The list of Reason Codes is user definable via the Stock Adjustment Reason entry system.

Stock Adjustment Reasons

As the user enters a Stock Adjustment, they can see all the information they could need. As a product is selected, the system will automatically embed the Stock Enquiry functionality into the Stock Adjustment Entry. This functionality will tell the user exact what stock there is available and where this stock is located. At a click of a mouse, the user can run enquiries on the item to help them to ensure that the adjustment is required.

Stock Adjustment Stock Movement Enquiry

As the user Saves a Stock Adjustment, the system will automatically find any orders which may be affected by the adjustment which has just been made and update them. For example if stock has been increased by the adjustment, then the system will automatically try to find any Back Orders which can now be released due to the newly found or refurbished stock items. If a back order is found, the system will automatically reserve the stock against the back order and the back order will be released into the picking process.

Stock Adjustment Line Entry

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