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Warehouse management software features

We've organised the capacities of our eCommerce software through a feature-focused format.

Stock taking

A Stock Take is an integral part of any warehousing environment. Whether you perform a stock take on an annual basis or wish to perpetually count stock, our software's Stock Take functionality will help to ensure that your Stock Take is as accurate and efficient as possible.

Stock Take Templates

The first step in undertaking a Stock Take is to specify exactly which locations or products you wish to count. More often than not, a Warehouse Manager would choose to run a Stock Take in the same manner week after week, year after year. For this reason, templates can be created which will allow your Warehouse Manager to pre-specify the locations they wish to count on each stock take. For example a Template could be set up to count all Picking Locations, as per the screen shot below. Alternatively, a template could be setup to count only those locations on a particular aisle or in a particular zone of the warehouse. Multiple templates can be created and multiple Stock Takes can be open at any one time.

Stock Take Templates

Stock Taking

When performing a stock take, the user will be prompted to select one of the predefined templates. This will default the selection criteria required to determine which locations / products are to be stock counted.

Stock Taking

Stock Take Products Pending

A stock take should not be performed for items which may currently be in the process of picking. When a Stock Take is run, the system will check whether or not any of the items or locations on the Stock Take could currently be getting picked. If any items are being picked currently, then the system will prompt the user to complete the picking, before commencing the stock take. In a multi location environment, the system will also check to see if any replenishments or stock receipts may be about to affect the locations / items being counted, this is known as Work In Progress:

 Stock Taking

Stock Take Sheets

Once your stock take has been created, Stock Taking Sheets can be printed off. These are then manually filled in by your warehouse team. Alternatively, our Pocket Software system can be used to enter stock taking figures.

Stock Taking Sheets

Entering and Validating Stock Take Figures

Once the Stock Take figures have been collected, the user can enter these into the software system, as per the screenshot below. The Load Next Line functionality ensures that this process is quick and easy. Once all the figures have been entered, any variances are easily spotted in the Variance column of the data grid. This column is sortable, enabling the user to quickly identify any entries which may be incorrect. If an incorrect entry is found it can be quickly corrected.

Stock Taking Variances

Completing a Stock Take

Once the Stock Take has been completed, the system will automatically create Positive and Negative Stock Adjustments in line with the variances found during the stock take.

Stock Take Adjustments

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