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Sustainable, eco-friendly logistics and shipping

Here at fulfilmentcrowd, we are reducing the harmful impacts of eCommerce, taking practical steps to become the UK’s first fully sustainable fulfilment provider.

Lorax Project

As a responsible business and employer, it is not acceptable to sacrifice our environment in the pursuit of growth. Placing sustainable logistics first and central to our future, our Lorax Project aims to create a shift-change in the way that online retailers, service providers and consumers view their responsibilities to the environment. Our progress to become the UK's first fully sustainable fulfilment provider can be tracked across six key initiatives, including the elimination of plastic waste, reduced energy consumption, investment in renewables, low emission delivery and the introduction of biodegradable packaging.

Biodegradable packaging

Over the next three years, we're working to elimate plastic consumption from the fulfilment process completely, allowing for 100% sustainable shipping materials. We're proud to announce our range of sustainable packaging alternatives, now avaliable to all new and exisiting customers. Our biodegradable paper mailing bags are a substitute for traditional poly mailers while our current range of single and double boxes are both re-usable and recyclable. We're also introducing eco-friendly shipping alternatives to cellophane sealing tape, polystyrene chips and bubble wrap. During testing, our biodegradable bags proved to be burst, tear and water resistant, providing both a sustainable and efficient way of sending a variety of products for shipment by post or courier.

A sustainable future

The coming months will see significant investment in low-consumption heating and lighting, EV charging points and renewable energy. On a practical level, our team are encouraged to build our sustainability objectives into all decision-making, incentivised to car share and incorporate environmental volunteering into social events. If you're an environmentally-conscious, growing online retailer looking to outsource your order fulfilment and grow through a sustainable solutions, then fill in our instant cost calculator.

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We help companies around the world improve their order fulfilment and delivery performance. If you would like to discuss your requirements in more detail, please contact us.

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