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Technology & Home Electronics Edition

Discover the 4 big trends among brands that have navigated a turbulent market to a promising horizon of global growth


Opportunity for growth amid the challenges

The technology and home electronics retail sector has faced unique challenges over the past year, with a higher likelihood of decreased sales compared to the average. Despite these challenges, here we explore the opportunities the sector has to increase sales and grow.


Leveraging superior service to stand out in tech retail

For retailers specialising in consumer technology products, competing on cost is challenging due to manufacturers dictating pricing. The focus shifts towards providing superior customer service, as price differentiation is limited. So how do retailers in the technology and home electrical sector shift towards providing superior customer service as a key differentiator?


Geographic expansion: a key pillar of growth

UK retailers that expand into new territories provides an opportunity to increase revenue and profitability. So, what's the magic behind exporting, and why is it becoming increasingly attractive proposition for retailers within the technology and home electrical sector?


Path to success: the power of personalisation

Personalisation -  creating more direct connections with customers has become essential within the technology and home electrical sector. Retailers, in turn, are adopting increasingly personalisation strategies to stay at the forefront of this market. 

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