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Award-winning technology

A scalable, robust and feature-rich operating system developed to redefine the art of global fulfilment.


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We develop Award-winning, cloud-based, and open technology

with over 30 years of experience

Cloud based
High growth brands expect access anywhere, speedy order shipping and the safe handling of customer data. For that reason, the fulfilmentcrowd platform has been built on auto-scaling and secure cloud-based architecture.  
Resilient and scalable

The database and hosting infrastructure has been designed to efficiently handle thousands of asynchronous requests from users. Our 'built-for-speed' approach means we are uniquely positioned to handle planned or unexpected spikes in demand.

Open for integration
fulfilmentcrowd is your order processing and inventory platform and thanks to Open API, Webhooks and file transfer integration capabilities, it can be seamlessly linked to an ecosystem of apps, including: website, marketplace management, ERP and CRM. 
Built for you

We take a customer-centric approach to software development and engaged with an active user community that requests and tests new features, ensuring our platform is relevant to the needs of omnichannel retailers. 

Control at your fingertips

The fulfilmentcrowd app offers visibility and control of your products, stock positions, inbound deliveries and orders across multiple centres. Setup event-based push notifications to manage operations by exception. 

Rich data insights
The fulfilmentcrowd platform includes a comprehensive management information suite that provides summary data with the option to drill down and 'slice & dice' at leaf level. Distribution of KPI reports can be automated by setting up subscriptions.  

The fulfilmentcrowd retailer platform

Putting you in control

The app is available on desktop, tablet and mobile; it is your primary interface with the data and fulfilment activities we manage on your behalf. The user experience (UX) has been designed for clarity and ease of use. For example, a shipping decision associated with an order can be actioned from a push notification to your mobile in as little as two taps. The app simplifies management of global ecommerce operations by enabling users to view, create and edit products, orders, inbound stock transfers and support requests across the fulfilmentcrowd network.

The fulfilmentcrowd Retailer platform

The fulfilmentcrowd service platform

Our global operating system

The Service app is deployed to operatives across the estate of fulfilmentcrowd centres. It is where the magic happens and, like the Retailer app, it has been designed to ensure each fulfilment task can be deployed and completed effectively. Generally accessed on handheld scanning devices, the Service app is used to control the movement of every item from receipt to putaway and dispatch. It is also sits alongside and complements automation systems, particularly in the 'hybrid' environments we create for omnichannel brands (DTC and B2B). 

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Website and marketplace integration

Built for omnichannel

The fulfilmentcrowd platform enables you to trade across territories, sales channels and DTC/B2B from common stock pools. Key to this functionality is instant integration of back office data with your web storefront and marketplace(s). Out-of-the-box authentication with aggregators and popular ecommerce platforms such as Shopify and Magento enables you to list products and commence trading in minutes. For more complex integration with ERP systems or custom-built sites, we can offer connectors built in Open API, Webhooks, EDI or file transfer.      

fulfilmenrtcrowd software integrates with mutliple channels

Order management system (OMS)

Process automation

OMS is the beating heart of fulfilmentcrowd, efficiently processing thousands of transactions every hour. Once an order has been received, the platform checks for data errors (e.g. bad addresses) and attempts to reserve available stock to the lines, determining the next logical process. We then use a library of ‘picking strategies’ to optimise the flow of orders through each centre. Every item is scanned at location before presentation to the packing line. Goods are then carefully prepared for despatch with size, weight and delivery address determining the shipping label produced. Each parcel is routed and scanned into the correct shipping cage before entering the carrier network.

Order Management System

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Warehouse management system (WMS)

Operational excellence

Every fulfilmentcrowd centre operates on common service standards which are baked into our operating procedures and software. The WMS controls every activity from receipting of goods through to consignment and dispatch. Each task is simplified and packaged into a systemised process which means that operatives can be cross-trained to complete multiple tasks. Productivity is further enhanced by 'automation of instruction' technology which vends tasks to the handheld devices of available and best-located people in the warehouse. Service levels and daily burndown of every fulfilment activity is displayed on prominent dashboards to encourage team performance and achievement.          

Warehouse Management System

Carrier management system (CMS)

Intelligent parcel routing

Cost-effective shipping is a critical success factor in ecommerce. For that reason, we only work carrier partners who can offer the best service levels, after-ship technology and commercial agreements. fulfilmentcrowd clients generally opt for our standard shipping policy which is based on least cost routing logic; so an order presented as 'Standard Delivery' will be allocated the lowest cost carrier service for the parcel weight, size and destination. 

Carrier Management System

The fulfilmentcrowd consumer app

Managing bad delivery

Bad delivery events such as loss, damage or returns account for around 1% of all consignments and require a disproportionate amount of time to fully resolve. Our app enables the consumer to interact with tracking data and fully self-service in the event that they do not receive their parcel or wish to send items back.  By cutting the retailer and fulfilmentcrowd out of time-consuming communication loops and automating back office tasks such as carrier claim management and credits, we are able to reduce your 'costs to serve' by as much as 60%.     

refunds and replacements mobile screen

Management information system (MIS)

Data driven decisions

The fulfilmentcrowd OMS and WMS engine has been designed and built to conduct ‘multi-everything’ operations across our global network of centres. Its efficiency-optimised database structure is 'built for scale' on the Microsoft .NET/SQL/Azure stack. However for reporting and layered analysis, we augment this with the fulfilmentcrowd MIS and data warehouse, which stores data in a simplified form for easier and faster reporting through your favourite tools including MS Excel and Power BI.

Management Information System