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The proof is in the packaging

It’s no secret in the e-commerce world that custom packaging has become an extremely important part of not just the unboxing experience but brand identity in general. The packaging you use to pack your products and what collateral accompanies your product on its journey to the end customer shouldn’t be a thoughtless decision. Whilst the classic saying suggests you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, Hubspot reported that 93% of customers are more likely to make a repeat purchase from a brand that offers an excellent customer experience. Not only does packaging needs to be practical, but it is also the first tangible glimpse a consumer will get of an online brand, and first impressions count.

Customer retention contributing to sales growth is as high on any agenda as new customer acquisition, with research showing the more positive an experience from checkout to delivery, the higher the frequency in repeat purchases and consequently, the higher the lifetime value of each customer. Beauty newcomers MeAmora have partnered with us here at fulfilmentcrowd to fulfil a custom order brief, ensuring each order is picked, packed, and shipped to perfection, maintaining brand standards and delighting thousands of customers across the UK.


What’s in this article


What is custom packaging?

 Custom packaging is the boxing and accompanying collateral inputted to an order prior to shipping, specifically designed and chosen around a product and its company’s vision to create a premium unboxing experience add value, and trigger repeat purchases. Rather than generic packaging such as brown cardboard boxes that are 3 times too big for your product and devoid of any meaning, custom packaging takes the more creative approach and is usually complimented with colours, themes, and designs.


What are the benefits of custom packaging?

 The benefits are truly endless when it comes to custom packaging. In an age where conversations around sustainability are more present than ever, custom packaging is able to reflect this, whilst also being able to appeal to the product’s certain demographic more effectively than generic brown packaging ever could. People appreciate creativity and will certainly buy into a product that’s packed uniquely and designed to feel-good.


- Increased Brand Awareness

How often do you take a brief glance at a billboard and automatically recognise the brand from their imagery? The most successful brands are usually those who use colour, creativity, and thought-provoking messaging to convey who they are and what they’re about. In a world full of competitors, your packaging can give you the upper hand by being the reason you stand out from the crowd.

- Higher Customer Retention

People love novelty and experience. A unique packaging experience will create a positive memory for a consumer, as opposed to a forgettable experience. Higher customer retention comes when a customer is satisfied, interested, and feels valued. Whilst the appearance of packaging plays a large part in a customer’s unboxing experience - with personalised messaging and quirky packaging bound to provide consumers with a sense of satisfaction that will keep them coming back – there’s another thing that improves a customer’s experience, and this is the safe delivery of their items.

It’s an all-too-common experience where a product has arrived at its final destination in improper condition. Whilst accidents happen, custom packaging ensures you’re taking that extra step to keep products safe and secure. By taking extra steps to ensure the safe delivery of your products, you’re preventing unnecessary accidents, which only prevents the potential for unhappy customers.

- Eco-friendly

63% of consumers have said that they were more likely to buy products packaged in paper or cardboard because they can reuse the packaging. Sustainability is at the forefront of a large percentage of shopper’s minds. By tailoring your packaging to follow this approach, not only will you be helping to reduce carbon footprints and generally making a positive change, but eco-friendly packaging can also reduce transportation costs whilst boosting your brands image, it’s a win win!


Tips of the trade: How MeAmora use custom packaging to their advantage

MeAmora is the UK direct-to-consumer brand of KISS USA, a global leader in beauty care. They specialise in professional lash and nail products and pride themselves on being the UKs only beauty brand to offer these services to use at home through a community of stylists.

Not only have MeAmora succeeded in their goal of pioneering a new way of thinking in the beauty industry, what truly sets them apart is their understanding of the importance of custom packaging. MeAmora have applied all of the aforementioned benefits to create a truly special experience for their customers.

Passionate about sustainability, it was of utmost importance to MeAmora’s that not only their outer packaging is fully recyclable, but that their boxes are attractive enough to encourage customers to re-use, subliminally getting their loyal consumers to do their bit for the planet.

Still on the topic of sustainability, the brand is extremely passionate about their packaging not wasting any unnecessary materials. Custom size boxes are used to perfectly house their Stylist starter collections, not only ensuring that products look the part encased in their pretty packaging but ensuring the safety of the product.


MeAmora are all about helping others to look and feel their best, and they realise that their packaging can help them with this mission. Their boxes with “Welcome to the family” written in pretty typography that appeals to their targeted audience reinforces the community they are building and makes the purchaser feel like not just a consumer but a part of a family that shares the same ideals.

Not only this, but MeAmora’s packaging certainly goes the extra mile when it comes to personal touch. The fuchsia pink gift wrap and fun personal messages such as “Get ready for the compliments” are bound to boost customer morale and leave them wanting more. Packaging that has a feel-good factor is far more likely to be recommended to others and shared online, spreading brand awareness.

By encouraging their Stylists to share their unboxing process, this gives prospectus clients a sneak peak of what they could get their hands on, and the added bonus of a blend of added colours, messaging and eye-catching packaging only serves as more of an incentive for a potential customer to be won over. 

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How can fulfilmentcrowd help with custom packaging?

 When it came to selecting a logistics provider to fulfil their mission, MeAmora had the following selection criteria:

  • Custom process engineering and integration with group IT systems
  • Kitting and ‘white glove’ handling of product
  • Follow-on access to EU centres 
  • Account management and strategic partnership

The MeAmora project demanded a managed critical path that ensured all stakeholders were aligned on an immovable live date. In partnership with fulfilmentcrowd’s experienced onboarding team, external IT representatives, operations, packaging suppliers and freight handlers, the brand was successfully launched to an expectant audience at the Salon International show in October 2022.


In preparation for the initial distribution of starter kits to MeAmora’s field stylists, over 100,000 units were receipted into centres at Matrix Park and Belton before being kitted and packed in specially made presentation boxes. 


As deliveries are time-critical in support of events, adherence to agreed despatch service levels is paramount. fulfilmentcrowd’s carrier team monitor the performance of service partners and constantly adapt the parcel routing logic to optimise customer experience.


If you need help with bringing your custom packaging ideas to life, whether it’s sustainable options, cost-effective solutions or just a friendly team to put your plan into place, fulfilmentcrowd are here to help. Check out our platform today.


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