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Our fulfilment business model

Transforming underutilised space and resources into extraordinary opportunities.


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The fulfilmentcrowd service delivery model

A unique concept built on sharing economy principles and technology


Reduced impact on the environment

We don't build new centres on green space when we need more capacity. We don't contribute to emissions by constructing new buildings. We don't consume additional energy to heat and light more warehouses.We are truly sustainable by design.


Award-winning technology

A strong thread of software technology runs through our proposition. At the heart of operations is the fulfilmentcrowd platform and every centre uses this to manage throughput and productivity. 


Value driven fulfilment solutions

We build long-term partnerships to drive value for clients. Our expertise, network and technology combine to deliver added-value for omnichannel brands, optimising operations, enhancing customer satisfaction and driving growth.


Unlimited capacity of premium space

Because of our model, we are the only fulfilment provider who can offer theoretically unlimited capacity. With trusted partners around the world, we can increase our footprint in existing or new countries at short notice.

"The Uber of fulfilment"

A hybrid delivery model

When we need more space, we don't just build new centres. There are hundreds of millions of square feet of underutilised space in existing warehouses around the world and we seek to fill this space, making the very best of what is already there.

We work with trusted partners across the globe, who offer redundant infrastructure and the human resources needed to store and distribute goods. Often these partners are online retailers in their own right with decades of experience.

fulfilmentcrowd's award-winning technology is the glue that binds our network together. Every fulfilment centre, owned or operated by a partner runs on the fulfilmentcrowd platform.

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No greenwashing here

We're sustainable by design

There's no greenwashing at fulfilmentcrowd. Our operating model, in itself, is super green and sustainable!

Building new and bigger fulfilment centres would be costly and have a negative impact on the environment, swallowing up green space, not to mention the energy consumed by construction. That is why we make the most of what is already in abundance across the globe - empty warehouses.

We work hard to monitor the impacts of our activity, including energy consumption, packaging waste and final mile delivery, lowering carbon emissions through tactical use of low or zero emission shipping services. 

No Greenwashing Here

Our clients

Partners in growth

We work closely with our clients, leveraging our expertise, super-efficient organisational structure and sprint methodology to deliver bespoke solutions at pace.

We have a proven track record of delivering successful projects including:

Fast-tracking an implementation during peak trading
Integrating a complex ERP across global locations 
Designing and building a hybrid cross-docking system
Creating a cross-border shipping solution for hazardous goods

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Our processes

Solution design at speed

Our processes are built around two key elements - people and technology.

We operate an organisational structure that empowers colleagues and enables them to make fast decisions in their subject areas. From commercial to product, to operations and network management, we have a collegiate working culture that delivers results.

fulfilmentcrowd has been designing and developing ERP-class software for over 25 years and retains many of the people who have participated in that journey. Their deep understanding of process and 'art of the possible' puts us at the forefront of the fulfilment and logistics industry. 

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Our experience

Continuous improvement

We strive to be a true partner for growth from day one. Indeed, that ethos is how our business was born. Clients came to us needing a fulfilment solution - so we built one, and the rest is history.

Since then, the fulfilmentcrowd platform has been continuously developed with new features added in response to demand. The proposition is built on customer-centricity; this is supported by our industry experts, service partners and suppliers who can be confidently trusted to deliver on time, every time.

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