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Here at fulfilmentcrowd, we are lucky to work with hundreds of the world’s market leading brands. One of these brands is WillPowders.  

Founded by entreupenur, Sunday Times number 1 best-seller Davinia Taylor, WillPowders is the first female led, science driven biohacking community in the UK.   (Biohacking: The practice of using science and technology to gain control over one's own biology.)  

Offering a range of natural health and wellness supplements that combine the best that science and nature has to offer, the range includes products for energy, relaxation, immunity, digestion, mental clarity and much more.  

Davinia’s goal with WillPowders is to provide premium non-GMO, organic products that the whole family can benefit from. Whether in the form of supplements or nootropics, all WillPowders products are designed to improve mood, increase brain function, and crush cravings, helping consumers live healthier, more fulfilled lifestyles.   

Bringing WillPowders to life: The Mission  

  WillPowders are rapidly on the rise. With founder Davinia having over 1 million followers on Instagram, the brand already has immense exposure, with the goal being that the brand will keep scaling to new heights and are looking to expand globally

Whilst goals like this come with challenges, WillPowders came to fulfilmentcrowd having faced hurdles with service level issues with a prior solution however, fulfilmentcrowd has been able to offer solutions to help enable rapid deployment and put the products of WillPowders into the hands of consumers across the UK, and future consumers throughout the EU and beyond. Davinia’s background meant that it was important that WillPowders had a partner on board that could support their rapid growth with scalability. fulfilmentcrowd has been able to help in multiple ways, including: 

- Surge condition management 
- Account Management 

Surge Condition Management 

Social media is one of WillPowders key sales-driving channels and with all social and influencer activity comes unprecedented peaks and troughs in order volumes. Having operational processes in place to ensure influxes in order volumes are picked, packed and dispatched to SLA is of course key to maintaining service levels and consumer satisfaction, however, the right tech can make the same processes even more seamless. 

 The fulfilmentcrowd platform automates the connection between consumer orders and fulfilmentcrowd’s proprietary WMS (warehouse management system) used across the fulfilmentcrowd network, seamlessly processing orders for pick, pack and dispatch as soon as they have been placed on the brand website or eCommerce store.  

 The fulfilmentcrowd centre network is built around our proprietary WMS featuring multiple efficiencies such as least-walk pick sequencing, ensuring operations are always able to absorb increased order demand within standard order-picking methods, and assuring orders are processed to SLA. 

 WillPowders are also able to track and manage stock inventory levels and forecast demand through their integration with the fulfilmentcrowd platform. By providing real-time visibility into order volumes and stock levels, the fulfilmentcrowd platform enables WillPowders to respond quickly to changes in demand and stay on top of their stock levels even during times when there’s been a spike in sales, ensuring their consumers receive their orders on time and in excellent condition. 

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Account Management  

The eCommerce landscape is rapidly changing and therefore, promotional plans can change on a day by day, hour by hour basis. Account Management is a significant benefit of fulfilmentcrowd’s service and in this case, WillPowders were able to capitalise on this support when deciding to implement an ad-hoc promotion, launching within minutes of making the decision to go live, with the full support and operational plans in place from fulfilmentcrowd. 

 The promotion saw success for WillPowders, with order volumes doubling in the first day alone. 100% of orders were processed to SLA and customer service emails were noticeably down in volume. Agility plays a huge part in project management both internally, and when supporting clients and fulfilmentcrowd were able to demonstrate its value on this occasion.  

 WillPowders journey has been positive to date, with the partnership evolving as the growth of WillPowders continues. Stored in our certified organic warehouse, we have been able to support WillPowders maintain product quality and organic credentials as well as seamlessly integrating with the brand’s Shopify store thanks to fulfilmentcrowd’s established connection with the sales platform. We are thrilled to be supporting Davinia and her team on her journey to success and can't wait to guide them through every step of the process!

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