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Discover the 4 big trends among brands that have navigated a turbulent market to a promising horizon of global growth

The Power of Agility and Adaptation in Retail

44% of UK retailers have not only weathered the storm but have reported increased sales over the past year. Here we explore the power of agility in driving retail success in even the most difficult of circumstances.



The Evolving Export Market: A Game Changer
UK retailers that embrace the export market are not only staying afloat but thriving, according to our research. So, what's the magic behind exporting, and why is it becoming an increasingly attractive proposition for UK retailers?
Consumer Centricity: The Future of Retail is Personal
Personalisation -  creating more direct connections with consumers - lies at the heart of the fast-evolving retail landscape. What are the increasingly sophisticated personalisation strategies brands adopt to stay at the forefront of their market?
Unlocking Retail Growth: The Role of Social Commerce
Social commerce generated almost £600bn in revenue in 2022 and is predicted to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 31.6% from 2023 to 2030. But what are the secrets to turning social into a reliable revenue stream?

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Ultimate Products

Michael Holden - Deputy Supply Chain Director

“We are building a highly-automated, pan-European distribution business using fulfilmentcrowd’s technology and network of centres. The growth of our brands in the EU is geared around our unique capability to ship goods B2B into retailers on pallets and direct-to-consumer in parcels from a common stockholding and software platform.”

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Simon Payton

Me Amora

Simon Payton - Head of Logistics

"The market for our products - at-home DIY nails and false eyelashes - is growing quickly as consumers scale back on more expensive professional treatments. To maximise the opportunity, we've embraced the unboxing experience to create a real 'wow factor' as customers open their packages. This has helped us build stronger relationships with our customers and has driven an increase in repeat purchases. It's also encouraged the Me Amora community to create exciting and shareable unboxing content for their social channels, which generates a real buzz around the brand."