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Lifestyle, Health and Beauty Edition


Weathering the storm and forecasting sustainable growth

The lifestyle, health, and beauty sector are anticipated to maintain a positive trajectory, with retailers expressing a 4-7% higher likelihood of forecasting an increase in sales over the next 12 months. Here we discover how the this market segment is effectively navigating challanges and sustaining growth. 


The rise in tech: unlocking consumer relationships and market expansion

In this sector, an increasing number of retailers are embracing technology to establish a more personal connection with their consumers. Here we delve into how technology is not only creating opportunities for retailers to broaden their target market but also enabling them to explore new territories.


Consumer centricity: powerful personalisation from end-to-end

Within the personal care sector, brands that specialise in cosmetics (92%), skin/haircare (93%) and wellbeing (100%) all state that customer journey customisation is important for increasing purchasing. So what specific strategies are brands adopting to create a personalised consumer approach? 


Personalised experiences: staying influential with influencers

Between a quarter and a third of retailers in the lifestyle, health and beauty sector plan to work with brand ambassadors and influencers as a way of creating relatability, but how have brands at the cutting edge found ways to make this approach more engaging and meaningful?

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