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What are order fulfilment services? 

You may have never heard of a fulfilment process before, and that is absolutely fine! An order fulfilment process involves the receiving, pick, pack and delivery of orders via your eCommerce business, to your end customers.

As the demand for your brand and your product increases, you may discover the need to outsource your fulfilment process to a fulfilment warehouse provider, who can pick, pack and dispatch your orders quickly and efficiently. Speed, efficiency...what other benefits to order fulfilment processes are there?

The benefits of order fulfilment services

  • Experience lower shipping costs - most order fulfilment providers have established fulfilment warehouses across the UK and internationally, meaning that you can save on shipping orders to your customers, wherever they may be.
  • Improve your customer service - order fulfilment services can assist retailers, such as yourselves, in meeting the exacting expectations of their/your consumers. How? Through providing speedy service levels and dispatch rates; as well as creating an exceptional unboxing experience for your customers.
  • Order fulfilment streamlined by tech - order fulfilment providers can have a powerful software system which enables the services they offer, in terms of order fulfilment, to be completely streamlined. By this, we mean that services such as inventory management, item picking and tracking; even shipping and handling, can all be automated by one piece of software, meeting your order fulfilment needs in the smoothest way possible!

The order fulfilment process

Okay, we've got the definition of what an order fulfilment done and dusted; plus, we've shone a light on what a few of the benefits are to outsourcing your order fulfilment needs.

Now we can look deeper into what this process entails from start to finish via the timeline below, which reflects our order fulfilment service offering here at fulfilmentcrowd.MicrosoftTeams-image (8)-3As soon as an order comes through to our platform (super automated, thanks to our tech-savvy software), our amazing warehouse pickers go and pick the item at location using their Android picking devices. Afterwards, the order is brought to the packing team ready to create a wonderful unboxing experience for your customers. Once your orders are in ship-shape, they are carefully placed onto our automated conveyor belts, all ready to be picked up and dispatched by the carrier of your choice for the lowest possible cost.

Are you looking for the right order fulfilment provider?

Supercharge your eCommerce business by outsourcing your order fulfilment to our tech-streamlined service