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How it works

Your step by step guide

We've broken it down into steps so you can know exactly what to expect when it comes to preparing for your pricing proposal. Get ready for honest, reliable, hassle-free fulfilment!

  • We'll send you an email

    Our experts will drop you an email to arrange a 15 minute call to learn more about your business.

  • We'll get to know each other

    During our phone call, we'll really get to know not just your business, but your goals. We'll delve into where your business is now, what your objectives are and where you see yourself in the future. We will also be keen to find out what solutions you're looking for and see how our solutions can help. Other key points to discuss will include; territories of interest, order volumes, channels to connect, and any restrictions around products (dangerous goods, chilled storage, frozen etc).

  • Sales team proposal

    After our first initial chat, our sales team will then send along a proposal, along with an invite for a second call to chat this through. This usually takes a couple of days between calls to allow the prospect to digest the information and is all super friendly!

  • Proposal walk through call

    The time has come for the proposal walk through call! This is where all parties ensure that the proposal accurately reflects the requirements of your business and goals. You'll have the opportunity to chat through every element of the proposal and what it means both on paper, and in reality. You'll also be able to answer any other questions that you may have that weren't covered on the initial call.

  • Next steps

    After we have talked through the proposal, if everybody is happy then it's time to get things started! If you find yourself needing to change your requirements, we will provide a second proposal to cater for this with a change of quote. From here onwards, we're good to go and it's time to get your fulfilment plan in place!


IRL digital

Martyn Lester

“We work with influencers to monetise their personal brand through social networks. With fulfilmentcrowd, we can quickly spool up new Shopify websites and sell through stock with complete confidence in our customer experience”


Calla Shoes

Jennifer Bailey

“A fledgling business when we joined fulfilmentcrowd back in 2017, they now ship over 250 orders a week on our behalf. Access to their technology, which links directly to our Shopify site, and their expertise throughout our growth has been invaluable”.


We know that it's a lot to take in, so here are some of the most common questions we get asked:

  • What sectors do you provide fulfilment services for?
  • What channels and marketplaces does the fulfilmentcrowd platform support?
  • Do you offer any specialist or custom fulfilment services?
  • What is unique about fulfilmentcrowd?
  • I'm an established retailer shipping hundreds of orders a day, am I too big for fulfilment?