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Complete the sections below to calculate a total cost per order for fulfilment and delivery.


The subscription fee includes a technology pack that offers unlimited access to our app, ecommerce essentials and integration tools, including:
  • Unlimited user access
  • Unlimited website and marketplace connectors
  • Unlimited API / webhook support
  • Returns portal

The subscription fee is charged per week, per country and is FREE for first 12 weeks of service.

Pick, Pack and Despatch

We charge a rate for the first item on an order with a lower fee applied for each additional item.


For example, 100 orders, with an average of 3 items per order would incur:

((100 x First Item Charge) + (200 x Additional Item Charge))


Storage is charged per cubic metre, per week.

Please note that your fees will increase if stock is held for more than 6 months and again after 12 months.

*One pallet space is equal to 1.44 cubic metres.

Items Receipted
This calculator assumes we will receive cartons containing mixed products. You can unlock discounts by supplying cartons containing multiple units of the same product (SKU).

Items Returned
All returned orders are individually checked to determine suitability for resale. This service is charged per item returned.

Packaging and delivery

Shipping is based on parcel size, weight, destination and service level. Your parcels are delivered to customers by our trusted carriers and we constantly scan the market to ensure you are benefitting from the lowest possible price. Please note that shipping rates are subject to surcharges and these are fully itemised on the tariff which can be viewed in full by accessing the fulfilmentcrowd app.
The packaging options displayed within this calculator have been deliberately kept simple for demonstration purposes A full range of packaging options is visible within our tariff.