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The proof is in the pudding. Sustainability really is proving to be the make or break of business

You don’t need us to tell you the importance of sustainability in everyday life. It's a well-known ideal that changing aspects of our lifestyle is not only beneficial for combatting climate change, but also extremely necessary. However, whilst the everyday rhetorics of making sure to use paper straws and re-wearing your grandma's old cardigans are all great, we want to talk about why sustainability is eventually going to be a matter of life or death for your business. 

In this article

  1. As the environment changes, so do consumers mindsets
  2. Sustainability sells… consumers pay quality prices for quality products
  3. The Law of Attraction: Why 40% of millennials have accepted a job because of a firm's sustainability
  4. How fulfilmentcrowd are embracing sustainability

As the environment changes, so do consumers mindsets

As it stands, a whopping 85% of UK consumers are currently making sustainable switches and are investing in products that cause less damage to the environment. Climate change is real and changing weather patterns are affecting lives in every country on every continent and people want to do their bit to alleviate the impact. Whilst climate change is irreversible, steps can certainly be taken to prevent further extreme damage, and this is where sustainability can help your business.

 It is due to such issues becoming more prominent that people have had this shift in mindset. Not only do people want to do their bit, but there is a sense of solidarity a consumer feels when a brand shares this value and appears to be playing their part towards a greener future. This doesn’t just mean that the product alone has to be sustainable, it can be as simple as using sustainable packaging for your customers orders! By highlighting the fact that your business takes pride in taking care of the planet, this builds up trust and shared morality one step at a time and therefore create loyalty, increasing customer retention.


Sustainability sells… consumers pay quality prices for quality products

Now more than ever, a generational gap can be seen. A gap where more than one third of consumers are willing to pay more for products that they believe create meaningful difference. Millennials alone are willing to pay up to 25% more for quality products. As more and more evidence comes to light that showcases the importance of sustainability, the demand for sustainability amongst differing demographics will only increase, subsequently increasing profits for your business.



Great minds think alike: Why 40% of millennials have accepted a job because of the firm's sustainability

 When it comes to attracting talent, having a positive stance on sustainability is proving critical. Did you know that 40% of millennials have accepted a job because of the firm’s ethics regarding sustainability?!

 Millennials now account for the majority of the workforce and so failing to develop a long-term, sustainable strategy could result in a loss of valuable talent. Your employees really are at the heart of your business, therefore implementing a sustainable strategy is sure to set you apart from the crowd and align your vision with those who have the ability to take your business above and beyond and really add value to the bones of your company.


 How fulfilmentcrowd are embracing sustainability

Here at fulfilmentcrowd, we have realised the importance of taking a pro-active approach in terms of increasing our sustainability. It is with that in mind that we’d like to introduce you to the Lorax Project! the idea behind the Lorax Project is complete focus on constructing sustainable solutions for online retailers. This includes low emission shipping, biodegradable packaging, waste reduction and centres powered by renewables.

 We still have a long way to go, but sustainability is here to stay.