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Need to switch! But to which? 

Sometimes you have to change things up - in fact, the philosopher in all of us would agree that change is the only constant.

So, you're a successful eCommerce company that is only growing bigger with each passing day; maybe your current fulfilment provider is giving you grief in terms of underperforming service levels. Whether it's either of the above - or both - you need to switch to a new provider to fulfil (pardon the pun) your fulfilment needs. 

As an e-tailer who has reached stratospheric heights in terms of growth and brand recognition, you would not have got to where you are today without being an organisational wizard - so we are arming you with a list of criteria that you must consider before making the switch. Let's hear them shall we?

1: Perform an SLA comparison ✅

Just to re-cap, an SLA (or service level agreement) is a guarantee of how the order fulfilment service provider will handle orders, ship goods and carry out the fulfilment process as an outsource part of your business. As a switcher, you should compare the new provider's SLA guarantees, such as the order processing time or same day dispatch rates, in comparison to what your current provider promises. 

If the fulfilment provider you are presently involved with has a slower order processing (pick and pack) time from order checkout; or if they use unreliable and inefficient carriers that affect delivery speeds, for instance, then you should look for a provider that can sustain your order volume and the consumer expectation for quick delivery times - should you yourselves promise this on your site. Reason being is that 1 in 5 consumers will not make a repeat purchase from a brand if they have a negative shipping or delivery experience. This is certainly an important consideration to make before switching.

2: Is their international reach wide enough? ✈️

Your current provider has a warehouse that is relatively local to where you are founded, with a couple of partner warehouses in Germany. Great! But now, your brand is braking down the international barriers. You now have a large customer base in Western Europe; as well as an emerging customer base in the USA and into Australia too. That growth though!

It's time - your eCommerce business has now outgrown your current provider, so it's now the best time to make the switch. When switching, the expanse of your new provider's international warehouse network, should be top priority for you. Get closer to those already large and rapidly expanding consumer bases, wherever they may be. How? By switching to a fulfilment provider who has partner warehouses that are in easier reach of your customers - for example.

This is super beneficial for your business. It cuts the cost of shipping, due to your orders being in closer proximity to their end destination, as well as cutting the delivery time too. It's a win win.

3: Is their software fully integrated? 📲

In short, does your current provider's software improve your own customer experience, for example, through the use of an easy-to-use app? Or does their tech improve the fulfilment process from pick to pack to dispatch, making it a more quicker and efficient system? No? Then you need to place powerful technological integration at the top of your provider must-haves wishlist! 

By selecting a provider that is powered by tech, making everything throughout the fulfilment process as automated as possible, is a smart move on your part. In terms of having an app, this not only enhances your user experience since you can monitor, alter and update anything to do with stock, for example, from anywhere in the world - so long as you have your phone or tablet!

A fully integrated software system won't just stop at your app; but includes the technology used in the warehouse too. In our fulfilmentcrowd warehouses, we have wireless Android picking devices and automated conveyor belts that finesse our picking and packing processes, keeping our order processing time averaging at 64 minutes at a time.

Based on your top 3 criteria, you should switch to us...🎉

With an average same day dispatch SLA of 97%, a vast international network of 13 centres (and counting) and a fulfilment process powered by our cloud-based platform; we are the best fulfilment provider for you, whatever's at the top of your fulfilment wishlist.

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