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Barcode stock control and automated scanning devices

The fulfilmentcrowd platform assigns barcodes to each product, ensuring stock accuracy with integrated picking devices. Our paperless fulfilment method reduces waste, increase productivity and ensures the highest levels of dispatch performance.

Goodbye paperwork

In a traditional warehouse setting it is commonplace to see paper picking sheets driving a labour-intensive order process. This requires supervisors to spend large amounts of time creating and sorting paperwork before issuing to warehouse operatives. In a fast-moving fulfilment environment this soon becomes a significant drain on resources, especially when managing the expectations of multiple clients.

At a time where customer expectations and margin pressures are ever-increasing, the efficiencies of a paperless fulfilment process can help to unlock significant cost savings.

Hello productivity

Combining employee mobility with handheld devices, barcode scanning and paperless order fulfilment, we’ve increased productivity by over 30% (measured by picks per employee, per day) and reduced errors to less than 0.05%. Furthermore, we’re able to scale capacity almost instantly by redeploying or engaging new staff, safe in the knowledge that our picking and dispatch process is system-controlled and subject to rigorous barcode validation at the point of activity.

Now available for your own warehouse

If you’re looking to modernise your own warehouse operations, we licence our fulfilment technology to fast-growing online retailers. Our consulting team is on hand to demonstrate the benefits at our fulfilment centres and help you to scope out your requirements.

"Since implementing the fulfilment software and supporting management systems, we have transformed our operational performance and doubled our parcel despatch volume."

Carol Sykes, Managing Director of Drop Dead Clothing

Want to find out more information?

We help companies around the world improve their order fulfilment and delivery performance. If you would like to discuss your requirements in more detail, please contact us.

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