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Over the last 2 years, the supply chain industry has seen both unprecedented highs and lows; from the boom of eCommerce during the start of the pandemic, to the current supply chain vulnerabilities caused by shortages of labour resources. Looking to the future now, Shopify have compiled together a trend report entitled 'The Future of Commerce - 2022' which, in its final chapter, highlights what the future holds for the shipping, logistics and supply chain sector. Let's see what they're predictions are and what our Head of Delivery here at fulfilmentcrowd, Chris White thinks about these upcoming trends.

QUOTE 1Trend 1: "Supply chain vulnerabilities cause online brands to modify their fulfilment and shipping strategies permanently."

According to other experts in the field, our supply chains will not normalise until 2023 at the earliest due to the pandemic; resulting in exposure to further vulnerabilities down the line - whether that be political or environmental. Thus, eCommerce businesses should look towards building more resilient logistics within their network in order to future-proof their supply chain.

Shopify recommends: Outsourcing your fulfilment to a 3PL logistics partner, like us for example. This doesn't only give you the opportunity to test out and emerge into international markets, without the need to blindly navigate the legalities; but when you outsource your fulfilment needs with us at fulfilmentcrowd, we use cloud based management software (which Shopify recommends highly), allowing identification of issues, decision making and communication with any of our other partner centres your stock may be situated in possible and in real time. What's not to love?



Trend 2: "Social and environmental impact that will define the next era of shipping and logistics"

How will this shift to more socio-environmentally conscious practices impact the next era of shipping and logistics? Well, it begins with consumer behaviour. Globally 44% of consumers are now more likely to purchase from a brand who has a clear and established commitment to sustainability. In fact, being an eCommerce business that is sustainably operated is one of the key factors influencing consumer loyalty. Being a conscious e-tailer helps consumers to maintain more emotional relationships with your brand - thus leading to repeat purchasing and consequently, brand loyalty.

Shopify recommends: To reduce your carbon footprint is also to reduce your fulfilment footprint - and that equates to working with a 3PL. When you outsource your fulfilment with fulfilmentcrowd, your customers will not only receive their goods faster, but building out logistics networks, including urban fulfilment centres, can reduce transportation-related emissions by 50%. You can also make your product packaging recyclable, compostable or re-useable.

When you join the Crowd, not only can you choose from a range of our sustainable packaging offerings, such as our bio-degradable jiffy bags, but you can also benefit from our Lorax Project: striving to make logistics greener, one order at a time. A few of our UK fulfilment centres are built with sustainability in mind, featuring low-energy LED lighting, heat capture technologies and renewable energy sources including wind and solar. This enables us to dramatically reduce the carbon footprint associated with the fulfilment of your orders. 

Stay trendy with the Crowd

Moral of the story? With the findings from Shopify's trend report, it's pretty obvious that with the way things are headed, the smartest choice you can make for your eCommerce business is to utilise a 3PL who has a strong commitment to sustainability - which therefore makes your operations environmentally conscious as well as streamlined - with a platform powered by cloud-based software, again, making your operations digitised and ultimately future-proof. You know we're talking about us, right? Join the Crowd today and get set for the future of supply chain and logistics.

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