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How can shipping be carbon neutral?

We all know that carbon neutral is a term that refers to the practice that, when executed effectively, produces a net-zero amount of carbon dioxide, or CO2. Sounds like a bit of a science lesson - but that is what carbon neutral shipping is all about; reducing the CO2 emissions within the shipping processes worldwide and thus reducing the harsh environmental impact of eCommerce and commerce on a global scale.

There are other ways to define carbon neutral, particularly in a business capacity. Carbon neutral shipping can be achieved when a business offsets any of their practices or activities that cause high carbon emission; through the use of sustainable packaging or tree plantation, for example. The act of shipping orders to your customers, whether that be by sea or air, unfortunately, leaves a carbon footprint behind - and we'll go into that in the following section.

The carbon footprint of shipping

Shipping packages by airfreight has its charms - such as almost guaranteed speed and efficiency. However, airfreight does leave behind the largest carbon footprint; with aeroplanes emitting 500g of carbon dioxide per metric ton of freight, and per kilometer of distance travelled. Whilst transport ships emit only 10-40g of CO2 per kilometer. That's quite a difference.

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The same principle applies when we think about sending just one package. For instance, if your customer in Hamburg (that's roughly 500 miles away), orders a jumper for the new season (which would weigh around 1 pound); then should this package be shipped via ground, the CO2e will equate to 590g of CO2, whereas via air, this would equate to 980g of CO2. That's still rather a lot of carbon emissions...for just one jumper too. Let's also explore what the impact of this high carbon emission shipping would have on the end consumer, shall we?

The impacted or impactful consumer?

That is the question. It is without any doubt that the end consumer will be impacted by high CO2 emissions. Ultimately, we all will - that is the unfortunate cost that comes with a changing climate. From changes in weather systems, to the rising of the sea levels all over the world; this is the price that we have to pay for the mass consumerist society that we both created and now live in. 

So, our end consumers are ultimately the impacted, as well as the impactful - and whilst this may sound like all doom and gloom; consumer perceptions are ever changing and realigning to be more eco-conscious. One of the ways that we in the logistics and supply chain industry can head towards net-zero is by switching to and offering more carbon neutral shipping options - which both benefits the end consumer, and offsets the impact of consumerism itself.

That's where we come in, as a fulfilment provider who has commitments in place to becoming greener in the form of our Lorax Project.

What is the Lorax Project?

With a unique name like the 'Lorax Project' it is important for us that we fully convey what Lorax means and why it is so crucial to the running of fulfilmentcrowd.

The Lorax Project is the answer to the question, how are we meeting the global challenge of climate change? Well, we do this through offering sustainable solutions for eCommerce businesses across the UK and the world; such as low emission shipping, biodegradable and sustainable packaging options, waste minimisation and using renewable energy practices to power our fulfilment centres.

With 2022 being a new year to continue to tackle climate issues head on and keep up with our promises to upholding our sustainable practices, we developed a sustainability policy at fulfilmentcrowd that demonstrates our unwavering commitment to promoting sustainability within our objectives as an organisation.

If this new year marks the next step in your sustainability journey as an eCommerce business, then why not switch to us as your new, green fulfilment provider today.

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