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They said that video killed the radio star. Well, it looks like video is at it again!

85% of businesses today are using video-based content as a marketing tool, which comes as no surprise what with how well a creative, short video can captivate an audience...even in 15-90 seconds!

With the rise of TikTok and its 13.3 million UK users, it makes sense that 85% of businesses are using video content as a marketing tool. Creating short, snappy and dynamic video-based content is super beneficial in terms of connecting with your audiences in a way that images alone just do not seem to do anymore. 

Likes, views, comments and shares it all counts towards your marketing strategy being successful, that goes without saying, but how can you best utilise TikTok to give your eCommerce marketing strategy a boost? If you find yourself asking this question, then we feel we can help. 

Here are just a few insights into how TikTok can work for you, whatever your goals may be and whatever stage you are in.

TikTok and eCommerce- how can it work for you 2TikTok and eCommerce- how can it work for you 3


First and foremost: Hashtags! We know them, we love them and the success of your TikTok video depends on them. Before you click that publish button and share your wonderful creation with the world, take some time beforehand to see which hashtags are hot right now. Adding one or two trending hashtags to the mix is definitely a good start, particularly if you feel that boosting your company’s brand recognition is a key goal of yours.

Hashtags on TikTok are what gets your video and your business discovered by users on their For You page, but that is not the only place your audience can discover you. TikTok’s discovery page is a wonder - with segments dedicated to popular sounds, filters and hashtags. So, trending hashtags are definitely recommended, but if you have a campaign hashtag or you want to use hashtags relevant to your product, service or sector then go for it! The TikTok world is your oyster.

Paid ads

Next up, we are talking paid marketing and ads. TikTok is a great advertising platform for your business for a multitude of reasons. Firstly, the platform has a presence in over 150 markets in 75 languages. This provides you and your e-commerce business with the opportunity to soar into different markets around the globe and find fresh audiences that you may have struggled to reach previously. 

Another aspect of TikTok ads that we think you will love is the fact that TikTok’s interface optimises the ability for users to discover good content and actually prioritises good content above all else. It is a full-screen, immersive experience with no other on-screen distractions; just the user and you. This brings a human, one-to-one element to paid ads which we think you will want to bring to your audiences.

Keeping up with the trends

Keeping abreast of what content is going viral is important-especially if you are creating content for your eCommerce marketing strategy regularly-sometimes inspiration can run a little dry! 

Sounds on TikTok are just as important as hashtags, they can also go viral. Mainly because they are synonymous with a particular video trend, such as a day in the life or a behind-the-scenes video. 

One last thing to know about trends is that trending challenges are a great way to engage with audiences via relatable content – but to also boost brand awareness and perhaps even go viral. Once views and followers are at a certain level, you may even start a challenge as part of an immersive socials campaign. So, go ahead and hop on the TikTok trends, they may send your brand viral!

Integrate TikTok into your marketing strategy now!

At fulfilmentcrowd, we are your biggest cheerleaders, and we want to give you the edge wherever we can, so we hope you found our insights on TikTok’s ability to boost your eCommerce marketing strategy interesting.

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