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The UK's health and supplement market is experiencing robust growth, with significant value increases observed in recent years.

According to industry reports, the market surged by an impressive 25% in value between 2018 and 2023, reaching a substantial £568 million. Projections for the future are equally promising, with Mintel forecasting a continued upward trajectory and anticipating a further 10% value growth over the next five years. This projected expansion indicates a sustained appetite for health and supplement products among consumers across the globe, with an expected annual growth rate of 4.81% from 2024 to 2028.

Buying behaviour driving a change in go-to-market approach
In recent years, the disparity between consumer buying behaviour in online and bricks-and-mortar stores within the market has become increasingly pronounced.

The surge in e-commerce sales, catalysed by the COVID-19 pandemic, has outpaced traditional retail growth by a significant margin. Despite the undeniable dominance of online sales channels, the allure of in-person shopping remains potent. Personalised interactions and consumer convenience offered by stores provide unique sales approaches that deeply resonate with consumers. Synergy between digital marketing efforts and brick-and-mortar presence not only enhances convenience for consumers but also reinforces brand messaging, making the in-store purchase experience even more appealing as well as driving a rise in impulse purchases and ease for repeat purchasers.

As the digital landscape continues to evolve, health and supplement brands are collaborating with retailers to ensure that the shopping experience remains relevant, enriching, and rewarding for consumers.

The current landscape
In the dynamic landscape of the health and supplement industry, achieving multichannel consistency is paramount for brands aiming to thrive in today's competitive environment. With the rise of both B2B and DTC routes to market, successful brands are harnessing the power of channel diversification to drive growth and expand their reach. However, navigating the complexities of multichannel distribution while maintaining consistency poses significant challenges for many players in the industry.

Health and supplement brands face a myriad of challenges when it comes to achieving multichannel consistency. While leveraging both B2B and D2C channels can unlock growth opportunities, inconsistencies often arise in product availability, delivery times, and customer experiences. Many brands resort to housing and shipping stock internally to maintain consistency, but this approach comes with substantial overhead costs and logistical complexities.

Womens Best packing in Matrix Park by fulfilmentcrowd-1The path to consistency: solutions offered by fulfilmentcrowd
At fulfilmentcrowd, we understand the unique challenges that health and supplement brands face whilst servicing a multitude of B2B and DTC channels. Through our comprehensive suite of services and innovative solutions, we deliver robust solutions for brands to streamline their go-to-market approach.

  1. Specialist Fulfilment Expertise:
    Our channel experts in each fulfilment centre meticulously manage and assess every order with precision and care, supported by our proprietary Warehouse Management System (WMS), specifically designed to handle multichannel operations within each of our centres.

  2. 30+ years of proven experience:
    We have worked with hundreds of clients since 1993, shipping millions of orders to consumers across the world and managing the inbound flow to a range of major retail stockists, marketplaces and national supermarkets including industry giants like Holland & Barrett, Superdrug, Sainsbury's and Tesco.

  3. Scalable Distribution Network:
    With our extensive network of warehouses strategically located across key markets, including the UK and EU, we enable brands to reach customers with speed and efficiency. By leveraging our scalable distribution network, brands can minimise shipping times, reduce costs, and mitigate the impact of regulatory barriers.

  4. Advanced Technology Solutions:
    Our cutting-edge technology – the fulfilmentcrowd platform manages both B2B and DTC channels through a single, unified interface. This innovative technology optimises every facet of fulfilment, from inventory management to shipping and delivery offering brands with real-time visibility and control over their supply chain. Through our advanced analytics tools and data-driven insights, brands can make informed decisions, optimise inventory levels, and anticipate market trends to stay ahead of the curve.

  5. Flexible Costing Models:

We believe in providing tailored solutions that align with the specific needs and goals of each brand. Our flexible tariff-based costing model is designed to accommodate the growth trajectory of our clients, offering volume-based discounts that reward brands as they expand. Whether it's B2B, D2C, or a combination of both, our customisable solutions adapt to the evolving business requirements and market dynamics, ensuring that our clients receive optimal value at every stage of their journey.

Embracing Multichannel Consistency for Success
In an increasingly interconnected world, multichannel consistency is no longer a luxury but a necessity for health and supplement brands seeking sustained growth and competitiveness. By partnering with fulfilmentcrowd, brands can unlock the full potential of their go-to-market strategies, delivering premium experiences that drive customer satisfaction and loyalty.

In the fast-paced health and supplement market, achieving multichannel consistency is critical for success. With our solutions and expertise, we support brands in overcoming distribution challenges, unlocking growth opportunities, and thriving in today's dynamic landscape.


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