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As the health and supplement sector continues to grow, seeing a 20% growth in 2022, Nutrigums is an example of just one of the many brands we work with to help scale their business. As well as growing their D2C brand, they are making an impact amongst brick-and-mortar retailers including national supermarkets.   

Nutrigums is currently capitalising on a partnership with supermarket giant Aldi, using free-standing retail display units to gain a promotional placement in-store. In an ever-competitive digital landscape, brands are turning to tactically use bricks and mortar presence to gain consumer buy-in and grow brand awareness by exploiting the diverse and extensive footfall that established retailers have already captured.  

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Introducing Nutrigums 

A health and wellbeing company formed in 2020, Nutrigums specialises in creating nutritional supplements in the form of gummies. Founders Fabian and Louise Whittingham take a family-first approach to health, starting the company to help their son Jack, who is on the Autism spectrum and had difficulty taking traditional vitamin tablets. The gummies are designed to provide individuals with fun and easy ways of improving health and well-being in a way that is convenient and accessible for everyone, across various age groups. 

Whether it is promoting gut health, boosting energy, or supporting overall immune function, Nutrigums’ products include it all. They provide customers with detailed information on their packaging regarding the information on each of their products, using the highest quality ingredients free from artificial colours, flavours, and preservatives.  

Nutrigums needed a partner that could support their scaling business, shipping direct-to-consumer across the UK and international markets, as well as preparing product kits and ready-to-ship B2B orders for retailers such as Aldi.  


Preparation for retail 

Nutrigums partnered with fulfilmentcrowd to support the preparation of stock and shipments into the Aldi network. Already holding DTC stock in one of fulfilmentcrowd’s centres of excellence for product rework, the Nutrigums team worked directly with Chelsea Banister, fulfilmentcrowd’s Customer Operations Manager and the fulfilmentcrowd platform to process custom B2B orders. Chelsea worked alongside the Nutrigums team to brief our fulfilment experts in Martland Park and Crowle order fulfilment centres to prepare the display units before they travelled to their new home – local Aldi stores across the nation. Building display units and stocking multiple units of 4 SKUs, the team were able to build and stock 1000 retail display units, preparing these for delivery and shipping directly from the fulfilmentcrowd network to Aldi distribution centres nationwide. 


What are FSDUs?  

FSDUs (Free Standing Display Units) are retail displays used to showcase products in stores. They are usually made of cardboard, plastic, or metal and are used to promote a particular product or brand. They are typically placed near checkout counters or other high-traffic areas in stores in order to increase product visibility and encourage customers to make impulse purchases.  


What are the advantages of FDSU’S? 

By providing new and existing customers with a more organised and considered shopping experience, FSDUs can lead to higher sales, increased customer satisfaction and more profit. By giving customers an easier way to find their desired products, FSDUs can also help to increase impulse purchases and encourage customers to buy more frequently. Simply put, more visibility means more sales, creating more chances for customer retention, and resulting in more profit. It’s a win-win.   

As well as this, introducing a retail footprint is a great way for products to be seen by a much wider audience. Introducing a new customer to a brand or product via an FSDU in-store may be one more loyal customer that continues to purchase from other mediums. Brands tend to see an increase in organic search traffic to their online store and may even choose to issue a PPC strategy in conjunction with an in-store promotion to capitalise on brand term searches during this period.  

By using stock already held in the centres, we can save you money by reducing the need to purchase additional stock and the associated costs of doing so. Our team of experts can help ensure that products are stored and shipped correctly, reducing the chances of damaged or lost items. This can help maximise return on investment, improve cash flow and provide a more efficient and cost-effective way to get products into customers' hands through a multi-channel approach.  

Multi-channel, multi-location - one partner. We don’t just ship directly to consumers, we ship to retail stockists and wholesale partners, too. We do all of the work, so you don’t have to. We can service your orders, directly from your e-commerce website using our automation platform but we can also build, stock, and ship your b2b orders including FSDUs to a central network or direct-to-store. We have it all covered.  

Fast and cost-effective shipping  

It was clear that when shipping products across the UK and Internationally, Nutrigums needed a fulfilment partner that could ship products quickly and efficiently, whilst maintaining a cost-effective solution and ensuring best-in-class service. With existing relationships with carriers, we can help businesses be introduced to the right carriers that work best for them, keeping costs down and increasing their profit margins. With our team of experts and our partnership hub, we can provide you with help and support on information regarding carriers, shipping cross-border and more. 

Nutrigums, a company founded with a family-first approach to health, found a reliable partner in fulfilmentcrowd, supporting and scaling their businesses within the UK and Internationally. With the demand for health and supplements increasing in Europe, the Middle East and Asia, accessing these growing marketplaces was a huge opportunity for Nutrigums to capitalise on. As well as this, we provide support in preparing their products and kitting for retailers, helping Nutrigums to enhance product visibility. Overall, Nutrigums and fulfilmentcrowd’s collaboration showcases the benefits of a comprehensive fulfilment solution in achieving business growth and market expansion.  


UK and International Distribution  

With the demand for health and supplements increasing worldwide more businesses are choosing to capitalise on this, building brand credibility and driving profitable growth.  

Accessing multiple markets across the globe is an important opportunity for Nutrigums, allowing them to scale their business and reach new consumers. We have exceptional cross-border shipping solutions, empowering brands to effortlessly expand their reach and seize lucrative opportunities in over 150+ countries worldwide. Our robust carrier network ensures swift and reliable delivery, enabling you to scale your presence and conquer new markets with ease. Moreover, we understand the challenges with expanding into new territories and have established partnerships to provide guidance on navigating obstacles such as Brexit regulations and the process of becoming a VAT-registered entity in other countries. At fulfilmentcrowd, we are committed to supporting your growth and making your international expansion a success.  

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