Specialist Delivery Services & Product Handling

If you have bespoke requirements, we’ve got you covered with dedicated centres to handle specialist products, compliance and dispatch.

White glove fulfilment

If you are selling fragile or high-value items such as delicate fabrics, jewellery, luxury goods, cosmetics and medical instruments, we provide that extra level of care through our handling and quality control procedures.

We have a clinically-clean and secure storage unit built into our warehouse facility, controlled by our trained staff. This fire-protected, temperature-controlled area features access controls, HD CCTV coverage and a range of storage solutions.

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Returns & replacements handling

Speed and frictionless processes are essential in the returns and replacements process, ensuring you’re able to administer prompt customer refunds or resolutions.

We inspect all returned items before determining whether they are suitable to be returned to stock. If we find a problem with the product we’ll consult with you to provide an outcome that suits you whilst maintaining customer satisfaction.


Subscription box fulfilment

The subscription box business model is a fast-growing niche that suits the needs of busy consumers and creates sustainable revenue with potential for exponential growth.

We provide a tailored service with no hard-and-fast rules; whether you want to provide a variable delivery cycle or custom packages for your subscription or membership customers, we can support your ideal service model.

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Organic fulfilment

We are an organic certified fulfilment provider that proudly holds the Soil Association Certification and operates in line with robust organic guidelines under licence number DT23401. We have been inspected and satisfy the requirements of the Soil Association organic standards and Regulations (EC) No 834/2007 and 889/2008.

We handle a range of organic and ethically-sourced products including organic foods, drink, health supplements, cosmetics and clothing, dispatching over 2,500 items a day from our fulfilment centres to retail and wholesale customers across the world.


Dangerous goods fulfilment

Products such as batteries, aerosols, fragrances and cosmetics are classed as dangerous goods, requiring specialist handling and storage.

Our services comply with extensive guidelines including the classification of goods, packaging, identification and documentation. These practices ensure that stringent rules, policed by ICAO, IATA and the Civil Aviation Authority, are upheld to comply with transit by air as well as relevant ADR and CDG regulations for road transportation.

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Ambient food fulfilment

We store and deliver ambient food and drink products to customers around the world. Our fulfilment centres have been designed to accommodate the varied needs of customers with configurable space and clever systems. A key strength is the flexibility to ship pallets, cases or units of stock to businesses or consumers anywhere in the world. We also provide a rework service for regular kitting or ad-hoc projects that may be required by customers.

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Alcohol and drinks fulfilment

Our Matrix Park fulfilment centre has a premises licence to distribute alcohol which means we can store and distribute beers, wines and spirits in both wholesale and retail quantities. Bottled stock can be stored on pallets in bulk, or in specially adapted picking bins at floor level to minimise breakage.

To support this growing niche, our services extend to kitting, rework and gift-wrapping for artisan and subscription box retailers. We can also offer bonded warehousing through a network of affiliated providers.


Online fashion & clothing fulfilment

Every day we ship hundreds of clothing items and just as many pairs of shoes. Our fashion clients work with short product life cycles, thousands of size/colour variations and long supply chains, so they demand the flexibility to cope with trading seasons and peak demand.

We store fashion products in our high-volume Matrix Park fulfilment centre, which benefits from 'white glove' facilities for the clean storage of goods in special totes, hanging areas and a dedicated returns processing area.


Kickstarter & crowdfund fulfilment

Have you got a great product idea but unsure how to make it a reality? We can help you to get your project off the ground with cost-effective shipping to backers around the world as well as international logistics, quality control, longer-term storage and ongoing fulfilment.

No matter where you want to ship to we can provide economy services for untracked, through to express tracked or freight import and export.

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Explore our wider fulfilment services

Pick, pack and dispatch

We ship orders fast! 99.9% of orders are picked and dispatched on the same day.

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Stock storage

Flexible storage capacity managed 24/7 by our intelligent stock control platform.

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Specialist product handling

Dedicated facilities for organic, ambient, fashion, high-value, and dangerous goods.

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Amazon fulfilment services

Stock preparation for Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA) and approved for Seller Fulfilled Prime (SFP).

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Marketplace fulfilment

API integration with Amazon and eBay simplifies sales and stock listings across channels.

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eCommerce fulfilment

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Total eCommerce logistics

Fully managed international freight and import of goods from factory door to consumer.

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eCommerce customer services

Our skilled team of advisors can handle all customer care activity on your behalf.

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