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The beginning of Lorax

Internally at fulfilmentcrowd, we have a young workforce that wholeheartedly believes in creating a sustainable futures - as consumers, as individuals of society and as a proud member of fulfilmentcrowd.

This feeling had to be turned into an action! During those pre-covid times, we created something called Crowd Communities, whereby all teams were divided into groups of three, and asked to come up with various projects that we could build and implement into the Crowd. One team highlighted the need for a project that had a central focus on making fulfilmentcrowd a leader in building a sustainable and greener future within both the eCommerce and supply chain industry.

From this idea, Lorax Project was born.

Bringing the green vibes

So, the Lorax Project was founded. We began to put our heads together and come up with ways to implement the Lorax Project into both the operations of the Crowd, but also within our HQ office too. What did this look like?

Well, we began to venture into partner centres who have a strong commitment to sustainability through their being run on renewables; we engage with packaging suppliers to discuss packaging options that utilise less plastic. Although covid took a hard hit to some of the fun and exciting ways that we would celebrate our Lorax Project - much like those Vegan Days at HQ - we have a sustained focus for Lorax that is all about driving down our carbon emissions and creating positive change within our industry. How do we do this and what are we doing to work on this?

Centres run on renewables:

Both our Otters Brook and Born warehouses are powered by green energy, completely. We have an expanse of solar panels on the roof of both centres, generating the clean solar energy needed to power our fulfilment processes within. We are committed to open up new centres that are either partially or fully powered by renewable energy - our Lorax project means that we want to get the most sustainable space possible to offset other activities that aren't quite low carbon as of yet, so, watch this space.

Sustainable packaging options:

We love to think of ourselves as a provider that is accommodating to all of our clients needs. If you're a sustainable online brand, or are looking to be more environmentally-friendly (as the need to be green increases), we've got you covered - or rather your orders covered and packaged in sustainable materials. From recyclable honeycomb wrap instead of plastic bubble wrap, to paper jiffy bags; we have little to no plastic packaging offerings that your eco-conscious customers will really appreciate.

Let the Lorax Project be your guide!

Want to partner with a fulfilment provider that has a strong commitment to being greener? Look no further than fulfilmentcrowd. Let our Lorax Project be your guide to how you can make the operations of your eCommerce business a little kinder to the planet.


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