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The very best in hair care

Luxurious Look was founded in 2013 with a mission to provide a one-stop stop of the most trusted haircare brands to its customers. Mark Readman from Luxurious Look explains the brand's values:

"We aim to partner with selected brands, we will never be a ‘stack em high sell em cheap’ company. We respect the brands we sell and provide a full range of proven products our customers know will work for them".


The customer is always right

Luxurious Look saw a gap of customer care in the haircare market and chose to build a brand that positioned this service at the heart of every touchpoint. "The customer service element of our industry is very poor, you only have to spend some time reading the customer comments on our competitors social media to understand this", Mark adds.

With strong values and a business plan to grow, Luxurious were looking for a partner who could help them scale and help them seamlessly through peak periods like Christmas and Black Friday, giving them the time to develop the brand while ensuring their customers are happy.

"We focus on providing our customers with a handpicked range of proven products whatever their hair type, coupled with an unrivalled customer service."


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Unrivalled fulfilment technology

When choosing a provider to manage the fulfilment of their orders, Luxurious found the complexity of offering and pricing a minefield. Mark comments, 

"The difference with fulfilmentcrowd was that they heavily invest in their order management platform, the fulfilmentcrowd app, the visibility of which makes all aspects of life easier. We have a dedicated account manager who is brilliant and on hand to iron out any carrier problems that arise."

So what opportunities have been unlocked thanks to Luxurious' partnership with fulfilmencrowd? According to Mark- expansion of their product lines to grow the business! "Thanks to our partnership with fulfilmentcrowd, our business is super scalable. The fulfilment operation is smooth and we have a clear help route if needed. A fulfilment partner that nurtures us to scale is exactly what we needed. The support will  help us to excel in haircare-later this year we will be adding haircare electricals and skincare categories to the business."

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