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Shipping to over 150 end markets from our 16 centres, we can help scale businesses, providing them with help and support along the way. We help many health and supplement brands such as Built for Athletes ship to multiple locations around the world.

Introducing Built For Athletes

Built For Athletes is a UK-based company creating high-quality sportswear and fitness accessories, supported, and trusted by over 120,000 athletes and fitness experts around the world. Founded in 2018, the company aims to create affordable and practical sportswear that can be worn inside and outside the gym.

Built For Athletes do it all. From gym bags, backpacks, hats, hoodies, leggings, shorts, and t-shirts, the company understands the needs of athletes and fitness enthusiasts. The products are designed to cater to their specific needs, with features like waterproof materials, multiple compartments, and breathable fabrics. They are also highly committed to sustainability, with all products made with sustainable materials.

Built For Athlete’s mission: International Reach

As the Built For Athletes brand grew, so did its international customer base. The demand for the UK brand’s approach to creating quality sportswear and accessories increasingly gained traction outside of its home market, and the Built For Athlete’s team had to find a solution that effectively serviced its global consumer base, maintaining brand standards and a positive unboxing experience, no matter on the end destination of their products. With that in mind, the brand had three clear requirements when looking for a fulfilment partner:

  • International shipping solutions and expert guidance
  • Operational excellence geared towards handling high volumes
  • A robust integration into sales platforms: Shopify and Global-e

 International shipping solutions and expert guidance

Shipping thousands of orders per year, the brand needed a robust shipping solution to service multiple end markets from one stock holding location. By locating stock at fulfilmentcrowd’s Martland Park fulfilment centre, Built For Athletes have access to an extensive carrier network inclusive of late cut-offs, enabling next-day delivery for UK orders and the ability to deliver consignments to customers around the world, within days.

From Andorra to the Fiji, Maldives to Taiwan, fulfilmentcrowd has shipped to over 120 countries on behalf of Built For Athletes since 2021. With proven cross-border shipping solutions, fulfilmentcrowd’s extensive carrier network allows us to ship to 150+ countries around the world, enabling brands to capitalise on new opportunities and reach new markets to scale their brand. fulfilmentcrowd also has partners in place to offer help and advice when scaling a new country, from advice to Brexit Red Tape to becoming a VAT-registered company in another country.

"Our solution allows clients to access a range of domestic and cross border carrier solutions to complete delivery with the minimum of fuss for the consumer at a competitive economic rate. Our access in each territory is based around a postal, parcel and international option as a bare minimum.” Chris White – Chief Delivery Officer, fulfilmentcrowd

Operational excellence geared to handle high-volumes

Good service and the ability to manage unpredictability when it comes to orders is key when a brand sales strategy is heavily focused on a social media or influencer-based model. With their brand becoming increasingly popular on social media (over 160k followers on Instagram) and more influencers and well-known athletes becoming involved in the business’s campaigns, a high volume of orders from consumers can come at any time.

Influencer activity often means unplanned sales spikes and a large reach often means large volumes and as such, handling high volumes including containers is a huge part of the operational model behind Built For Athletes’ success. fulfilmentcrowd receive container deliveries into Martland Park fulfilment centre, preparing the inbound stock for outbound shipping to customers. Our award-winning proprietary technology, the fulfilmentcrowd platform including our own WMS and extensive network of centres has meant we can support Built for Athletes when tackling large inbound deliveries and unprecedented order volumes, whilst maintaining excellent service and ensuring customers receive their orders as quickly and efficiently as possible.

A robust integration into their platforms: Shopify and Global-e

With a global consumer base comes the requirement for a storefront suitable for all customers, no matter where in the world they’re shopping from. Built For Athlete’s choice of platforms, Shopify as their sales channel and Global-e as an additional platform, enables localised browsing and localised checkout. fulfilmentcrowd has directly integrated with both Shopify and Global-e into the fulfilmentcrowd platform, completing the consumer journey from shopping to shipping.

When looking for a fulfilment partner, it was clear that Built For Athletes needed a plethora of criteria to help to expand their business and reach new consumers. They required a partner that would help them scale their business internationally, tackle high order volumes at unprecedented times and have the tech to integrate their Shopify and Global-e channels easily. fulfilmentcrowd works alongside Built For Athletes, ensuring needs are met whilst providing excellent service.

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