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SAScon Day 2: Measuring ROI from Content!

by Tanya Wasiuta


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Next up for me was a Q and A session:




Catherine Maskell:Head of Marketing REED
Jamie Toward: Head of Content MEC
Clare Hill: Managing Director Content Marketing
Ben McKay: MD, MEC Organic Performance

Think Thursday night…Question Time! Leading the discussion aka ‘The Referee’ was Ben McKay who executed the discussion for the panel to really delve in and offer their insight on why marketers are putting so much emphasis on content what is the true ROI from doing so and how is it measured.

Q. What is driving in the interest in content?

What the panel were all in agreement about was the SEO doesn’t work the way it used to, and this stems from a number of factors from user behaviour, marketing channels and the continuous Google algorithm changes with the most recent being ‘MobileGeddon’.

Clare Hill elaborated by identifying that the marketing industry has changed immensely over the years, and now millennials are fast becoming the highest percentage of our workforce. Therefore traditional methods of advertising are being pushed out in favour of modern and engaging content marketing approaches. Put simply, brands and businesses have got to adapt and change to the changes to the marketing world, there has clearly been a switch from push to pull!

The conversion funnel has now changed, and the kind of people we’re now marketing to, are now doing the marketing for us. In other words, if your business is providing relevant and engaging content, consumers will share it, LIKE it or retweet et el across social channels, pushing the content but also your brand. And that is what’s really driving the investment: Content sharing metrics across all the social platforms available to us.

Also brought to the forefront, was the big change with the way consumers engage with brands. The content that is being provided by businesses, allows their brand to stay in constant contact with consumers. The objective is to keep consumers reading, engage them via quality content (key driver for engagement) but most importantly to keep in constant one to one communication.

Q. How would you assess the lifetime value of content?

Distributing content marketing across digital channels in this instance social media, is one of the core platforms for brands to engage with their consumers! The most common areas of measurement to assess the value of content is:
• Brand Awareness
• Brand Affinity
• Brand Supremacy

Simply put, we need to apply traditional SEO ROI to social. As Catherine Maskell states that a sale is not necessarily a valid means of measurement. Ask yourself, what were your marketing objectives before distributing your content… did you achieve them? These are the means of how you measure the lifetime value.

Catherine further highlights that digital is potentially becoming too reliant on sales driven-data, and that there is an increased need to see a return as measurement tools have become more direct. Businesses have become too drawn in with instantness and are not focusing on longevity!

Being adaptable is key, not only to changes to the various marketing disciplines, but we have to be able to create content for specific kinds of media and match certain channel needs. For e.g Blogs for FB and Vines for Twitter. The purpose; create a strong cross platform piece of content, and tailor it to suit each social channel you adopt for the best results.

How can it be measured?

It’s pretty difficult to identify a single ROI measure, given that various brands will have different KPIs. From engagement, retweets, downloads, likes-sign ups, reach etc. The key tip is to set your objectives first and AIM to achieve these. And given the analytics available to us it is now possible to track conversions through content.

Now keeping with digital if YouTube is a key social channel for your brand, then Jamie Toward identifies VidIQ (Google Chrome) organic video marketing for the next generation so that you can reinvent the way your brand engages consumers using the highly popular format of video.

With content marketing budgets rising, marketers need to ensure they remain true to the overall aim of content marketing – to deliver engaging relationships, consumer value and measurable success for brands.

A great example that Jamie brought to our attention was the brand HSBC who invested millions on content marketing providing a range of sources for guides, to videos and interactive tools and are now successfully reaping in the rewards.

Finally, Claire Hill states that Content is like a catalogue: You purchase something on line, then your recommended ‘X, Y and Z’ based on your recent purchases. Simply put, Content pushes other kinds of content over time.


• Content is king
• Quality content is the driver for engagement
• Videos are fast becoming a key element in increasing engagement.
• Multi-Channel publishing is Key and you need to adapt this into your strategy.
• Identify your objectives as the way to measure your content.

To read the latest industry report on Content Marketing go to

by Tanya Wasiuta on 19/06/2015

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